Welcome to the Korean Sports Training Center d’ground homepage.

For the betterment of our national athletes for the disabled games, we have established training center specialized for disabled athletes. Disabled athletes’ long awaited wish had finally turned to reality thanks to lavishing support and sincere efforts from many great people.

Our training center will be the base for improvement of sports for the disabled and will be facilitated as a training ground for providing athletes with stabilized training and for training people with dedicated physical education knowledge. We will open a new era for the betterment of sports for the disabled.

Our disabled representatives, till now having no appropriate training grounds, had to travel around different regions looking for places, proper enough but still insufficient, to meet their training needs and subsequently had to suffer from unstable training conditions.

Now with the facilitation of scientific training and professional training personnel customized for each different sport, we have secured methods to improve these athletes from the very foundation.

We will serve our purpose of being a specialized training center to harness the very best out of our athletes by reinforcing the training programs with advanced sports technologies, maintaining the comfortable training environment and managing diet optimized for intense physical activities.

president photo

For all the people who love and support the sports for the disabled, the staff of the training center promises to do the best to provide training support at global standards. We appreciate your warmest interest and support and we will dearly take any praises and criticisms.

Thank you.